Dear Jill,

Thank you so much for helping my family of 6 take control of our health. For

years my family has collectively dealt with an array of health issues ranging from

autism (and all of the fun that comes along with having 3 of my kiddos on the

spectrum), bed wetting, skin rashes, Lyme disease and more. At the end of each

day we were left feeling tired, confused and frustrated with what our bodies were

doing to us and wondering if our “sick cycle” would ever end.

I was completely amazed that your Meridian Stress Assessment was able to find

the underlying issues of our poor health and with a very simple treatment we

started to recover at a rapid rate. I’m happy to let you know that my oldest son’s

cough of 3 years (that was so severe at times he couldn’t play is favorite sports) is

now gone!! My oldest daughter who was struggling at school academically and

building relationships with the other girls in now on the “B” honor roll and has

made her first female best friend. Your test found the root cause of our second

daughter’s awful rash that was so bad at times she couldn’t go to school. Her

body is on the mend and it looks like her rash will be gone in time for summer. I’m

also happy to report that mom and dad are feeling much better too. Our energy is

back and mental fogginess is gone, we’ve actually started working out again!!!

Thank you so much for helping us take “healthy back”!!!


The Thorne Family

Jill Brew and the bio meridian scan has been a life changer for my son. We started getting scans in the fall of 2017. It has uncovered so much of what has been going on in his body. We had an appointment scheduled to go to Mayo Clinic because doctors here had no idea how to help my son.  The homeopathic drops and immune support he started taking helped him so much that we cancelled the Mayo Clinic appointment.  By getting to the root of his issues, his food allergies are also gone. His immune system has gotten so much stronger and he is so much happier!  I am so thankful to Jill and this amazing machine.  I have also had scans. I was having hot flashes almost 10 times a day but after just one round of drops they disappeared.  So many people look for a quick fix with medications. These scans are a process of getting to the root cause. Unlike the bandaids we normally put on our issues, these scans are helping us heal our bodies and living our best possible lives.                                                                                                              Laurie J                                   

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